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About us

Here at Woodlands Veterinary Hospital and Animal Dental Centre we believe in treating our clients, as well as the pets entrusted in our care with respect and professionalism. We will honour our profession with dignity by continuing to uphold the high standards of ethical conduct expected of us.

We will encourage open and honest communication with our clients, showing sensitivity to their needs. This will enable them to make informed, educated and responsible decisions regarding the health and well-being of their pets.

We employ a highly trained and professional staff who bear sound judgment so that we can provide the highest quality of medical and surgical care to our patients.

Employees engage in continuing education to maintain and improve our professional knowledge, with the rapid advances in veterinary medicine. Use state of the art equipment and technology to better treat and diagnose your pets, giving them the best chance for long and healthy lives.


As a result of our efforts, we hope that our clients:

Will continue to entrust us with the care of their pets throughout the course of their lives.

Are highly satisfied with the services that we provide

Will feel a desire to recommend their friends and family to us.